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Imagining Scotland's Future

A Community Consultation Event

7.30pm Wednesday 20th November

Carrick Knowe Church Hall

118-132 Saughton Road North

Edinburgh EH12 7DR


You are invited to come to a community meeting to Imagine Scotland’s Future, to share with your neighbours and friends the values you would like to see in Scotland in the years ahead.

What is the purpose of this?

The purpose of the “Imagining Scotland’s Future” event  is to create a politically neutral space in which people can explore the values and aspirations they have for the future of Scotland ahead of the Referendum on Scottish Independence in 2014. The event uses discussion, guided and structured by a team from the Church and Society Council, to explore what participants feel is important for the future of Scotland by focussing on 3 questions:

        1.      What values are most important to you for the Future of Scotland?

        2.      How can we make Scotland a better place to be?

        3.      How do we put our aspirations into action?

The outcomes of the discussion will be gathered, along with outcomes from similar events in communities across Scotland in 2013, and published in 2014. This report will be made available to churches, communities, civil society organisations, politicians and the media. Where communities have expressed clear views we will call on politicians and campaigners to respond to those views.

Why is the Church of Scotland doing this?

The Church of Scotland will remain impartial on the question of Scottish Independence.  We want to take the conversation beyond politicians and activists and hear what people in communities have to say. This event is open to the community as a whole and is not limited to church attenders.

We look forward to seeing you at the event!