Our Minister

Dear Friends

In 1937 the new housing area of Carrick Knowe was being established. New well-appointed affordable housing where young families could flourish and grow were planned and built and a fledgling community gathered. The Church of Scotland identified this area as being one where there might be a new church, a church extension charge which would give the new area a focus.

So began the journey which has led to the church being at the centre of our community, evolving and changing with the years. This is a church of the people, created by the folk who have enriched all that has happened here. There is no doubt that we enter a time in the church’s life which is challenging. But with faith in God and courage to follow where He leads I have no doubt that we will continue to be at the centre of our community, loving God and serving the people, serving God and loving the people.

May God Bless you and yours